Do we need another striker with Mason Greenwood’s meteoric rise?

Mason Greenwood is having an amazing season. Image:

Mason Greenwood has been on fire even before the start of the coronavirus hit the globe. He hasn’t put a foot wrong in his performances ever since earlier this season when boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave him opportunities to start or come off the bench more often to help to change the trajectory of matches.

Its a joy to see the 18-year-old blossom into a striker that can possibly be great sooner than we think. He has matured quickly under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his coaching staff. Greenwood’s talent has been nurtured in just the right way.

The attributes that I love in his game is his willingness to always want the ball, and he always takes the initiative to shoot first rather than to pass the ball to another teammate. All he thinks about is scoring which a striker should think of instinctively whenever he is open. But not only that, he can create opportunities for himself. We saw that on display where in one of his goals he twisted and turned his defender and fooled him with his neat dribbling footwork to open up just enough space to score the goal.

His passing and movement on and off the ball is very good and he knows where he should be in the box to get on the end of crosses or passes. So the question is Do we really need another striker next season to join the stable of strikers? Well Odion Ighalo will leave in January of 2021 and we will be short by one striker.

Also as good as Greenwood is he is still learning his trade as a striker. We shouldn’t forget that with many young strikers they could have a hot streak of goals and then suddenly they become inconsistent in their form because they haven’t matured as yet. We should get another striker also just in case we were to lose Rashford or Martial or both to injuries at the same time. So I think that its wise to get another one. Especially with the fact that last season and even earlier this season we had about 10 players injured at one time. So Solskjaer should be wise in making his choices.

But it seems that Greenwood is a special talent and he doesn’t seem to be a one hit wonder because for several months he has continued to score goals in England’s top flight. This isn’t a case where he scored 6 goals in 8 games and then all of a sudden he hasn’t scored in his next twelve or fourteen games. The youngster has showed real consistency.

He has eight goals in the Premier league and five goals in other competitions for a total of 13 goals so far this season. We already know that he’ll get more because at the rate he is going scoring these goals. I believe that he can get maybe 18-20 goals this season especially if he scores a hattrick in one of his matches and he gets a few more goals before the end of the season, then he can surely reach that mark.

Next season let’s see if he can emulate what he has done this campaign or even better. If he does, then we know we have a striker that we can rely on to score goals consistently for us.

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