Manchester United confirms change in pre-season plans

Manchester United has confirmed that they will not participate in a tour during this pre-season. Because of the coronavirus pandemic the club has cancelled any tour activities for this summer.

United chief financial officer Cliff Baty said this year’s tour had to be cancelled due to the delay in completing the Premier league and the Europa league seasons according to The Manchester Evening News.

Baty spoke to investors during United’s quarterly conference call. Baty said: “Looking further ahead, given the revised timing for domestic and UEFA competitions, we will not be participating in our typical summer tour activities this year.”

Baty went on to say: “Retail revenues will be impacted due to the closure of our Megastore. Broadcast revenues will be dependent on the timing of the matches played in the fourth quarter. Match revenues will be significantly impacted by the closure of Old Trafford to Friends.”

I’m not surprised, because the coronavirus is still a virus that’s new to doctors and nurses. They has never seen anything like this before. Many top leagues around the world had to cancel domestic cup competitions and league games. So this year we just have to wait and see when the Premier league and Europa league seasons resume. I thought that this was a good move by management to protect the well-being of the coaches and the players.

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