Why hasn’t Manchester United hired a Director of Football yet?

Ed Woodward should just focus on his role as the club’s Executive vice-chairman. Sky Sports

This has been a question that hasn’t been answered for the last three years. I have heard of a report that Manchester United isn’t interested in hiring a Director of Football because the relationship between Ed Woodward the Executive vice-chairman of the club has worked so well that there isn’t a need for a Director of Football.

I don’t believe there is any truth to that rumour really, but I think that United should have secured the services of a quality Director of Football candidate a long time ago. I don’t think anyone really knows the reason or reasons why that position hasn’t been filled. The club in the last two months or so were on a winning streak before the coronavirus. There is no doubt about it that because of Ed Woodward’s and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s partnership in bringing in the right players have paid dividends.

Ever since Woodward signed Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo in January, United’s fortunes has turned around remarkably. The team has more confidence now and the influence of Fernandes in particular with his creativity and great passing ability has transformed the club. This approach by United in not hiring a Football Director isn’t I believe a sound and proper idea to adopt.

If you look at any successful club in Europe, especially the big ones they all have a Director of Football, whose specific job is to handle the transfers of the buying and selling of players. He or she also acts as a liaison between the club’s board and the manager regarding not just transfers of a player but regarding other club matters.

It’s time that Manchester United wakes up and smells the coffee and understand how important this position is in a football club. If United believes that this relationship between Ole and Woodward will fill the void of actually having a Director of Football they will be sadly mistaken. There isn’t a coincidence that there is a link between the reason why United hasn’t won a title since the days of Jose Mourinho and club’s various struggles since then.

In the 2016-17 season when Mourinho was the manager, his defensive and counter-attacking style of play made people frustrated and they grew to dislike the team’s performances. But at least we won the EFL Cup and Europa League. But since then we haven’t won a trophy, and that comes down in part because we don’t have any leadership at the Director of Football position. Everyone knows that some of the board members and the other people in United’s football hierarchy needs to be replaced also.

However we can’t overlook not having a good Football Director around who certainly would make things easier for Woodward and Ole in particular, and the club. Only time will tell whether not this position will be filled, because if not, I believe that we will only prolong our trophy drought.

Do you think that United should hire a Director of Football? Who are the candidates do you have in mind?

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