Let’s all support Odion Ighalo

Image: teamtalk.com

There has been talk of Odion Ighalo being not up to standard playing for United because he’s not like a Edinson Cavani, Romelu Lukaku or Moussa Dembele. Yes that understandable for sure. Even though that’s the case he still has experience that he can bring to the team.

He brings international experience from his country Nigeria that he has 35 caps for. He scored 10 goals for Shanghai Shenhua this season, and bagged 16 goals for Watford in the 2015-16 season in the Premier league. United was in a difficult position as they tried to sign a striker and a midfielder during the notoriously tough January transfer market. They were successful in doing that in signing Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo.

Many or most teams weren’t even able to bring in one much more two players and United got both, so as United fans we should be happy about that. The Nigerian striker said in previous interviews from some years ago that he always wanted to play for Manchester United. He supported the club ever since he was a child and dreamed of playing for them. I believe that if he can get 8-10 goals within the next 4 months he would be a success.

United brought him to Old Trafford on loan without an option to buy. So since he has always wanted to play for United I believe he could be a big success if he really embraces this opportunity whole-heartedly. He already has the motivation to play for us, and so he’ll want to prove himself to the fans.

He also has a short time window in which to prove himself, and he could be up for the challenge. Let’s see what happens. Now that he’s a United player we should give him chance to prove his worth. With Fernandes using his creative skills in his passing to help his teammates score more goals this could be a fruitful partnership between him and Ighalo. We need to give him a chance and he may surprise all of us.

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