Manchester United should make the sacrifice and sign Fernandes

Manchester United are in dire need of bringing in a midfielder and a striker this month. However we have yet to sign anyone in this January transfer window. The case of Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes is a situation where United should of reached a deal with Sporting Lisbon by now. I know that Sporting is trying to take advantage of the situation as far as increasing the base fee plus add-ons so that they can make more money for themselves for this deal. I don’t have a problem with a club taking a strong stance on how much they’ll pay another club for a player.

But in United’s case they have allowed this situation to drag on for too long. We know that Sporting is going to get as much as possible out of the deal financially as they can. Their debt issues are well-known so they’re going to get as much money as possible for their best player so that they can help them to pay off their debt. Allegedly Sporting and United are £10 million apart in their valuation of the player.

However, both sides aren’t budging when it comes to the transfer fee. United is the richest club in the world. So why not pay the transfer fee which would be a little over £56 million? United is only willing bid £46.4 million. So let’s see if Sporting accepts this new bid. Sometimes teams have to over pay for players because they’re in a difficult situation and the buying club needs that player badly. That may sound desperate, but time is running on Man Utd, and Fernandes is a wonderful player we can’t give up on signing. He is a player that can make a huge difference for the club.

Many clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Bunich have overpayed at some point and reaped the benefits of winning titles in their countries. So if on a few occasions we have to overpay for a player, what’s the big deal? Yes I know that it makes us less financially stable. But we can’t always get exactly what we want.

We should make the sacrifice or compromise more to get the deal done. Bruno would be a huge asset to us if we were able to sign him in this transfer window. So Ed Woodward and United should do all they can to make this deal happen. If not we wouldn’t finish in the top four this season, and may not qualify for Europe if we don’t win the Europa league this year.

Now that will be a big financial blow for the club. It will also further damage their reputation. It’s time to get this deal done.

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