Solskjaer is clueless about how to solve the team’s issues

As Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked on from the sidelines during the 2-0 embarrassing loss to Burnley yesterday he had a look of despair. The Norwegian seems to be clueless on how to fix the many problems that has repeatedly occurred over the course of the season. Now that there has been injuries to key players like Marcus Rashford, Scott McTominay and Paul Pogba it has just made those issues worse.

Solskjaer doesn’t seem to know how to motivate or inspire his players to win games especially when they encounter adversity. When we were behind 1-0 to Burnley late in the first half Ole should have made the right adjustments in order for United get the equalizing goal and then go on to get a second.

Although we dominated possession and created more chances than the opposition we still couldn’t score. In the second half we still had more of the possession and didn’t take our chances which our strikers or attacking midfielders didn’t capitalize on.

But our style of play or tactics changed little. Ole didn’t change his formation of 4-2-3-1 from the first half, nor did he bring on a player at half-time or very early in the second half. He could of told his midfielders to use some diagonal balls over the top of Burnley’s defense.

Whatever changes he might of made I didn’t see it. Maybe if he made subtle changes to the team’s set up they weren’t recognizable. It seems to me whenever the coach of the opposing team comes up with different or new tactics he doesn’t seem to know how to counteract that. Sometimes something like speeding up the overall play of the team or more movement on and off the ball are all simple tactics that can make a difference.

Even basic things like that can help you win a game. On the other hand the players were wasteful in front of goal. They also didn’t show effort, desire and determination to win the game with the exception of a few players like Aaron Wan-Bissaka who played well. If on a consistent basis as a coach you can’t provide methods or tactics on how to get them back into a game and help them win it then that’s not good coaching.

I believe Ole would eventually get fired. Whether it’s over the next few weeks or later on or at the end of the season, I think it’s just a matter of time. He is clearly out of his depth and had no previous experience as a senior manager in top flight football in Europe. Making the same mistakes like using the same 4-3-2-1 formation in each game also shows that he isn’t learning fast enough.

Other managers have seen our play as predictable, and they’re taking advantage of that. It’s time that the club hires an experienced manager that has much better pedigree that can coach this team. Someone like Mauricio Pochettino will do just fine for Manchester United fans.

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