United has an opportunity to win the Europa League

Manchester United last won the Europa League title under Jose Mourinho back in 2017. We haven’t conceded any goals in the competition as yet and we are improving our results as we go along.

The later stages of the tournament will get tougher, but we should win this competition if we get to the final. The team in particular that can beat us is Sevilla, who has has won this tournament many times. They are some decent teams in the competition, but I would say that Manchester United and Sevilla are the two biggest names that jumps out at you as the favourites to win it.

With more players coming back from injury we should have a strong and deep enough squad to win the tournament. United are in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup. We may have a chance if winning that too, but Liverpool and Manchester City would be the only two barriers that could prevent us from lifting the trophy. Our overall performances has improved and we can go all the way in both competitions.

What do you think? Do you believe that we can win one or both tournaments?

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