We need James Maddison

Image: The Independent

Manchester United needs James Maddison as our new no. 10 because he has the right attributes that can fit into United’s system. Not only is he 22, which is perfect, but he fits the bill as far as him being a young British player that United is seeking. He has good creativity and is an excellent passer of the ball. The young midfielder can hold possession of the ball and distributes the ball well using his diagonal and defense splitting passes.

He is the type of player that is energetic and has more of that youthful exuberance United needs. Maddison is effective whenever he has the ball at his feet. According to Premierleague.com stats he is especially good defensively. He has 58 tackles, Tackle success rate is 60%, 30 blocked shots, 12 interceptions, no errors leading to goals.

He has recovered the ball 162 times, won 71 of his 50/50’s, and he has won 240 of his duels. He has 39.07 passes a match, and 254 crosses. He’s the kind of player that can affect the play of any team in a positive way. Although the Englishman doesn’t score much, all his qualities helps him to be a strong factor in any game that he plays for Leicester.

Come next year in the summer I have read that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is interested in signing Maddison, and also Jadon Sancho who is another bright English prospect that has a great future in the game. Sancho plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany, and he is a very good winger. If Ole can sign both players during the summer transfer window then that would be two excellent signings for us.

Maddison can help to take some of the extra responsibility of Paul Pogba’s shoulders. Pogba sometimes has to help defend our back four and he has to instigate counter-attacks or attacks against the opposition. Maddison can perform some duties like tackling and interceptions, and can start some of the attacks whenever he has possession of the ball. We wouldn’t need Juan Mata or Nemanja Matic, because those guys don’t have the pace and energy anymore to really affect the game in a powerful way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that United in the summer of 2020 can sign Maddison and Sancho.

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