Mason Greenwood is a future star

Image: The Metro

Mason Greenwood has been a revelation this season. His youthful energy and enthusiasm for the game has been shown in every match that he has played so far. I give credit to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his open-mindedness to provide youth players more chances to play this season. Although this has been a hallmark and a tradition at Manchester United for many decades.

He has shown some maturity in the way how he plays, and by his conduct on the pitch. I love the fact that he likes to pass the ball and makes runs into the box and is always mobile. He usually wants the ball and likes to take players on one-on-one. Greenwood has good balance, quick feet and can shoot with both feet. Most strikers cannot shoot or score with either foot. Greenwood and can do that and it looks like he could do it consistently.

All he needs to do is to continue to practice his skills, be humble, and just learn to be consistent in whatever he does on the pitch. Ole and his staff will obviously be there to guide and nurture him as he becomes more mature. The sky’s the limit for Mason and I hope that he can keep up the good work. He may be one of the differences between us finishing higher up the table than being in the wrong part of the table.

He may be a difference maker for us especially in the Europa League that I believe is the only tournament that we really have a good chance of winning. Mason Greenwood is one of our best future young stars and I wish him all the best in the future.

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