Daniel James wins Player of the Month award

Daniel James. Image: Teamtalk.com

Manutd.com says that fans voted Daniel James as the best player of the month. The young Welshman has been in outstanding form. Its an award that he richly deserves. He has 3 goals in 4 games, and I am personally a fan of him and he is the best player by a mile for United right now.

James grabbed 61% of the vote and Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 36%, and Harry Maguire – 3%. The winger scored in the 4-0 home win against Chelsea. He also scored in the 2-1 loss at home to Crystal Palace, and scored in the 1-1 draw away to Southampton recently. I love his heart for the game, and the consistent effort that gives in every game.

If he doesn’t score with a few chances he keeps going and he continues to shoot anyway, because James believes that he’ll score with the next shot. James always looks confident on the ball and has the enthusiasm and bravery to take players on. He always uses his attributes to the fullest which is his pace, dribbling skills and his trickery. James is very good passer of the ball and keeps the ball well also.

Well done Daniel James. I hope that you score more goals, especially winning ones and that you win more Player of the Month awards.

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