Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right manager for Manchester United?

Solskjaer must get it right this season or be sacked. Image:

Last season was a disaster for Manchester United and to be fair to Ole I can’t totally fault him for the terrible season that we had. His predecessor Jose Mourinho’s tactics and style of play wasn’t working for the team. We were already struggling to win matches, and it was difficult for the team to win several games in a row without losing, and drawing against teams we shouldn’t of gotten poor results against.

When Ole became our caretaker manager late last year he had to make changes to not only the team’s style of play but the tactics that they were used to under Jose Mourinho. For the first two months United were playing attractive and effective football that everyone loved. Then everything came crashing down. It started with losing against Wolves twice within less than two weeks. After that we went on a long losing streak, although we had a few draws and wins in between.

I believe one of the reasons why United just fell off the wagon and couldn’t get back on track is because our players reverted to the old way of playing under Jose Mourinho. The old habits of passing the ball backwards and side to side slowly instead of advancing it up the field quickly returned. Our passing and movement on and off the ball was pedestrian. The great team spirit disappeared and the goals dried up, and United were conceding lots of goals.

Another reason that was reported by a source close to the club was that when Ole arrived at Old Trafford he found out that allegedly the players weren’t fit. Then Ole put in place a tougher and new training regimen that the players weren’t used to. It worked very well for those two months or so. But then there was a dramatic collapse in their performances and the results. The players bodies couldn’t handle the new rigours of the tougher demands of the training. So this is why we saw such terrible results.

So if this story is really true then I think this could be a major reason why in the last three months or two months of the season we were so poor performance wise. But now we have new defenders in Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Harry Maguire which will greatly improve our defense. I loved that we signed Daniel James who is a winger that has pace, trickery and can put in dangerous crosses. He also adds that youth enthusiasm that we need at the club.

Ole came into a job that was tough to take on because he had to maintain the great reputation, tradition, and football culture that the club has created. He also has to try to follow in the footsteps of his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, which is virtually impossible to do. Only time will tell if Ole can keep his job and get United fans to fully believe in his leadership qualities.

When Ole first took the job as caretaker manager, everything was going right for him. He virtually made no mistakes and we were winning so easily. But it all went terribly wrong. Now we just started the new season with a bang by winning 4-0 against Chelsea.

Will the team start of brightly again, but only to wane later on in the season? Let’s hope that for Solskjaer and his men that we don’t repeat what happened last season and that Ole doesn’t lose his job.

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