Manchester United is still pursuing Harry Maguire

Source: The Sun

According to Sky Sports, Manchester United’s attempt to sign Leicester City centre-back Harry Maguire is “still very much alive”. This comes from a source close to the negotiations.

United increased their offer to £70m for the defender and has moved ahead of Manchester City in the race to sign Maguire. This was after the two clubs said that they were happy to pay £65m for the England international last month.

But Leicester doesn’t want to sell Maguire at that price since after United bought Aaron Wan-Bissaka at £50m, and they believe that Bissaka can’t compare to Maguire with his proven international quality and experience.

Leicester City needs to get off their high horse, because they don’t want to acknowledge that Harry Maguire isn’t worth £70m. Maguire isn’t one of the best centre-backs in the world. He’s not like a top 5 centre-back in world football. He does some things well and is a good solid player, but let’s not over hype this guy’s talent. Someone like a Kalidou Koulibaly who plays for Napoli and most people will tell you he’s a world class defender. He would be the type of player to spend that kind of money on.

Harry Maguire is overrated and should be placed in the class of “good or a very good defender”. He’s steady and solid in the middle of the defence where any manager would need a strong centre-back to play at a high level. We’ve been chasing Maguire for a few months now and we’re not getting anywhere with this pursuit of the English defender.

Let’s try to find someone else that’s close in quality and can be a future star for us. Especially if we can find a younger centre-back that is impressive in his defensive duties and can add something different to the backline when you look at his performances. I don’t think that by the Foxes raising the fee doesn’t mean that we should buy him. Leicester is just being greedy in raising the price for their best defender.

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