Rio Ferdinand is interested in the technical director role at United


Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand is interested in the technical director role at United. But in an interview for Sky Sports he said that the role hasn’t been clearly defined by the club.

He is on the short list of a number of candidates the club has contacted about taking on that role. Ed Woodward has discussed the position with Ferdinand, but the ex-defender says that he isn’t totally clear about the details about what the plan actually entails.

“It all depends on the shape of the job,” Ferdinand said when asked if he fancied returning to the club.

“I don’t think it’s all been outlined at Man United in terms of ‘that’s the job and this is the description’. I think there’s a lot to talk about within that.

“To be fair to Man United, in that kind of role, the responsibility that comes with that, you can’t lie and say that that’s not a turn-on.

“Because you are helping to shape the fortunes of a club of that stature. That’s a huge job.

“All the boxes would have to be ticked that you’ve got in in your head before considering something like that.

“I think decisions made at a football club – not all (but) some of them – should come with a football thought process in the background somewhere, (someone) that understands that side of it and can make that kind of decision.”

Rio is right about knowing what are the details of the job that he’s getting into. If he’s in dark about the description of the role then he can’t even think about taking on the role. The fact that not all the the details are outlined about the job, and Rio said there is a lot to talk about that then that’s a problem. Here lies the issue at the club. There is no real leadership at the top. A club like Manchester United should have clearly defined roles in every department or position at the club.

How can you consider a potential candidate for the job, if he or she has questions in their minds about the job description and all the details? That’s why I believe that some of the people that are in positions of power at United that may not be well-suited for these positions. There’s got to be a reason or reasons why the club is in such dire straits. Usually when you see many problems at a club or any organization that continues to surface many or most times it has to do with the hierarchy there.

When we take a look at other clubs that are successful in the Premier league such as Manchester City and Liverpool they have a director of football that clearly knows their roles and you can see from the results that they’re well-acquainted with their roles. Both clubs has won titles last season, and they’ll have more success because they have strong leadership at their clubs that knows how to be successful.

Manchester United has lost their way ever since Sir Alex left the club. The club just hasn’t been the same. The last time we won the Premier League was when Ferguson was there in 2013. Since then we have struggled to compete with the other top clubs in the league. We need to get back to all things that made us successful for so many years under Sir Alex’s reign.

A good place to start would be to make some changes in the boardroom and the Chief Executive position and other high-ranking positions. Many times big changes at the top of the club needs to be made so that everything else in the club can run smoothly.

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