Manchester United needs a director of football

Ed Woodward hasn’t shown his competency when it comes to transfer signings. Credit: NBC Sports.

Manchester United over the past number of years under Ed Woodward the Chief Executive of the club lacks competency when he tries to negotiate signings on behalf of the club. What Manchester United needs is a Director of Football that is great at what he does. A Director of Football is someone who acts as an intermediary between the manager and the board, allowing a manager to focus on pitch performance.

The director may also help to stabilise the club, such as taking on the role of a caretaker manager. Woodward hasn’t brought in the type of big name signings to take the club forward. Ed Woodward it seems doesn’t understand how the transfer market works and how to get deals done to get star players into the club.

When Woodward replaced David Gill in 2012 in his current role United just isn’t the force in English football that it used to be. His record has been very poor to date in the transfer market. He bought players such as Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Angel Di Maria , Fred, Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw. None of these players have lived up to the hype of being a star player that can make a difference at United. Angel Di Maria is the only player who has left the club, but the other names that I previously mentioned are still at Old Trafford.

Woodward paid huge sums of money to bring these players in, but their performances has been unsatisfactory. Even Angel Di Maria when he was at United for one season was inconsistent in his performances, and many journalists and pundits said he was the worst signing of the season. Now we can argue that many of these aforementioned players have had many injuries that forced them out of the team for long periods at times.

Yes, we know that coming back from long term injuries can affect your form when a player returns to the squad because it takes them several games before they can regain their form. But even when these players were given a chance by the manager for a certain amount of games they still couldn’t find their form. Some players that I didn’t mention here acted in a nonchalant way or showed little effort during games.

However, as we know now more than ever before that there were deep-rooted problems within the club that needs to be resolved. So we can’t solely blame Woodward for all or most of the club’s problems. But what is clear to me is that his choices of signing players has gone terribly wrong during his tenure as Chief Executive. The players that he bought in has negatively affected the team’s standard of play and has sullied the club’s reputation.

The sooner that we can get one the better. An experienced and knowledgeable Director of Football would bring a positive change to United.

Tell me what you think about hiring a Director of football. Do you think that we really need one? Who are the names that you would suggest?

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