Manchester United to focus on team focused signings

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United fans won’t see super star players like Gareth Bale this season coming to the club. Credit: The Independent

Manchester United will now focus on “team-focused” signings instead of buying superstar players. The reason for this departure from the superstar signings is because they have recruited a number of expensive flops. The Manchester Evening Standard reports that assistant coach Mike Phelan and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to buy players that embodies the “United way” of playing.

So Phelan and Solskjaer thinks its better for the club to abstain from the superstar strategy that really hasn’t worked for the us. Also both coaches are interested in promoting players from the youth squad. Angel Gomes, James Garner, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood could be promoted to the team next season.

This is an interesting departure for United and I somewhat like it, because most of the players on the team right now has a poor attitude in their performances for the club, and they certainly don’t play as team. They’re a bunch of individuals that looks lost out on the pitch and they lack cohesion. It certainly makes sense for the club to break up this group of players and sell most of them and let the contracts of a few others expire in June.

However, I do believe that every team needs at least a few star players that can provide a “moment of magic” when no one else is able to. A star player can help to raise the morale or fortunes of a team whose performances are sub-standard and inspire a team to victory or to get a positive result when it looked improbable. Now I can’t say how many players the club will get this summer, but if we get five players make sure you get at least three star players and two very good talented ones.

Yes obviously we want all of them to have the characteristics of pride, passion, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic whenever they put on a United shirt. I hope that Ed Woodward, Ole, and Mike Phelan get the right blend of players to represent the club in the best way possible.

What do you think of this strategy? Do you think its one that will work?

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