David De Gea shouldn’t get most of the blame for his recent blunders

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David De Gea needs our support and we need to give him a break. Credit: Espn

David De Gea is getting a lot of criticism by journalists in the press and the media for the latest 1-1 result we had at home against Chelsea. Even many United fans are angry at the Spanish goalie for his mistakes which has cost the team several points. I do believe that he would certainly take responsibility for his involvement in a few of those loses.

The Barcelona and Everton games comes to mind where he could have used better technique or positioning in order to prevent these mistakes. His defenders and midfielders in front of him are mostly to blame. Many times his defenders are out of position, unorganized and lack mental awareness and focus as the reasons why we have lost many games and precious points. The midfielders are allowing opposing players to just run through the midfield without any resistance.

No closing down of players and no tough tackling is happening either. Also everyone as a team should run or sprint back to defend, and that includes the strikers occasionally too. The strikers should consistently place high pressure on the opposition’s defense when they have the ball. This forces the defenders to make mistakes like putting the ball out of play or forcing errant passes because of the constant pressure so that we can have more possession.

All United fans have different opinions of him these days. But we should all rally around the Spanish international. As with any other player our fans has had patience with many players who are currently or in the past been out of form. In the end with the support of the coach, coaching staff and the fans they were able to overcome their bad form eventually.

If he is given him time, love and support from everyone then he’ll get out of his slump sooner than later. As fans we can’t just criticize one player, its the whole team that’s not playing well consistently. De Gea for some seasons now has been our best player. Manchester United should do everything in their power to try and negotiate a deal with the Spaniard and his agent to keep him.

He has saved us over and over again in so many games that maybe without him we would not have won those titles under Jose Mourinho. We should all be cognizant of the fact that he is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world. Besides his form deserting him at the wrong time, I think that he is disappointed in the way how the whole team is playing. These things are weighing on his psyche.

We should just leave him alone, and give him his space and time to re-gain his confidence back. He may be the player to come up with some great saves in the last two games of the season that enables us to gain 4th spot. So he’ll be fine, and hopefully he doesn’t make any more mistakes in the last two games that costs us that 4th spot.

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