What we have learned from the Everton game

Manchester United has no real identity where you can look at this United side and say “yes” this is how a United team should play. This team doesn’t have any characteristics that past United teams had. We don’t have any structure defensively and in midfield. Opposing teams are allowed to just run through our midfield with no consequences at all.

In past teams under Fergie we had defensive-midfield players like Roy Keane and Michael Carrick that would not only tackle players but they get physical with them by body checking them and closing them down. They would rough them up physically. This squad is making the game so easy for opposing sides that it looks like we’re lazy or uninterested in doing the things that are necessary to win the game. For example, Nemanja Matic allowed Gylfi Sigurdsson to run at him and was given the space and time to cut inside and take a long-distance shot that scored against us.

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Nemanja Matic has been dismal in his performances this season. He should leave the club. Source: Daily Express

This is why we need to sell Matic. He was at fault also for one of the goals that Messi scored where it was a similar scenario. Anthony Martial is supposed to be part our future. But ever since after his first two seasons where he was showing improvement, it has been all downhill since then. I understand that he has had a tough time with injuries and that has affected his form. But whenever he has been given a run of games so that he can prove himself, unfortunately he has come up woefully short and not worthy of being in a United shirt.

A lot of his performances has been poor or average at best. Since he arrived on September 1, 2015 his record is a mixed bag of success and failures. Martial has had much more failures in his last two years than his first two. You can never count on him to raise the level of his game where he will play at a consistently high level. He’s 23 and that’s still young, but he has to start showing much better consistent form.

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Martial should leave this season, but that’s unlikely given his new contract extension. Credit: us.as.com

With his size, pace, scoring ability and his one-on-one dribbling skills, Martial should be aggressive and confident in taking on defenders and running at other team’s defences regularly. But he never does that, instead he wants to pass the ball or doesn’t opt to shoot when he’s clearly open. I have run out of patience with him and I wish the club could sell him this summer. Because he just signed a five-and-half year contract extension that would have him stay here until 2024, it seems like he’ll be here for a while longer.

What are the chances that he plays brilliantly next season and all in a sudden he looks like a world class player? I say its highly unlikely. If you’re at a club for four years and you can’t at least start reaching your potential yet, I don’t know when you would reach your potential. You should at least show some effort that will encourage the manager to keep you in the team.

I discussed all the other players that should leave in past posts that you can access on the right-hand column of this site. Ole needs to sell many players and allow some other player’s contracts to expire. We need at least 6 world-class players that can help to turn this club around.

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