Martial must regain his form

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Anthony Martial has had many chances to prove his worth at Manchester United, but yet still he isn’t able to do that on a regular basis. When he arrived in September 1, 2015 it was the highest fee paid for a teenager at £ 36 million. The youngster was full of promise and he showed his prowess and his abilities in the first 2 or 3 seasons. But since then he has waned. In the 2017-18 season he made 30 appearances and had 9 goals and 12 of those as a substitute.

Obviously he has some injury issues that has affected his form. But when he has had a consistent run of games his form has been quite dismal. Even under Jose Mourinho in the 2 seasons prior he had looked lackluster. Now, I believe that under Ole he has shown better form but its still not up the high levels that he maintained in his first 2 seasons. The Frenchman still doesn’t show his full repertoire of skills that he is capable of. Whenever I watch him play he tends to drift in and out of games or he doesn’t show that eagerness and confidence to take players on.

He is well-known for his dribbling skills and great pace. You only see that in spurts in matches and then he goes back to being disinterested in the game. Well at least it seems that way to fans and commentators. He’s only 23 and we know he still has an abundance of energy. But Martial doesn’t seem to have the motivation in order to make himself a real force in games again.

Martial’s game should of progressed much more since he arrived at Old Trafford, but he seems to have regressed in certain aspects of his game. Sometimes he doesn’t take on defenders and use his pace on a consistent basis and he also fails to make runs into the box. Martial also opts to pass the ball or doesn’t want to shoot at goal when he has the opportunity to do so.

Ole has very good man-management skills and has gotten the best out of almost everyone on the team. I hope that Ole can help him continue to improve now and in the future and get him back to the great form that he exhibited a few years ago. Its either that or he may have to leave the club.

Do you think Martial should still be a United player?

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